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One-Of-A-Kind Gifts for One-Of-A-Kind People

They say, nothing is more precious than the sight of a child holding their favorite toy. A bond created by a young girl and her favorite doll. Although I create more than just dolls for little girls, the reaction on their faces when they receive their custom made doll, especially the ones made to reflect themselves... is simply priceless! The joy in seeing their faces light up, the irreplaceable smiles... reminds me of a time when I first held my favorite "Betsy Wetsy" doll! Its a moment that could never be duplicated. Mine wasn't a version of a myself, she didn't even reflect my same skin... oh but How I wish she was! To be able to love on a little me? To give her all the hugs and kisses I needed to receive as a young girl? To now recreate that love in a beautiful doll however, has allowed me to see myself again... a little me!

A unique gift such as a handcrafted doll made to your specifications can bring a new and restored bond to your love ones, family and friends. 

I'm so thankful to be able to give this gift to you and your loved ones in the following ways:

"Just For Me Doll" - comes in your selected skin tone to fit your loved ones need. Made to sit or stand, clothed with your direction, she/he can be your little ones best friend! - $160.00

"Replica Doll" - comes in your selected skin tone. Made from a photograph, crated which as much detail as possible to re-create your favorite photo of your loved one in person. This doll can also be created to reflect your loved ones hobbies, career or favorite sport, they are sure to love and appreciate the thought! - $180.00

"Sports Figure Doll" - From Lebron James to Michael Jordan, your favorite sports figure can be recreated. Weather for the man cave, the mantle or for show and tell, this would be a one-of-a-kind unique gift your loved one can brag about for years to come! - $240.00

"Bereavement Doll" - Made from your favorite photo of your loved one who has passed away, this doll can give you a physical way to hug your love one again. Made with the closest details and your specifications, we strive to create a unique gift and memory to last a lifetime. - $180.00

** These are all BASE prices. If you wish for extra details (i.e braids, tattoos, etc), the price may increase.